The party PM

There have been several new revelations about revelry at No.10 Downing St which broke lockdown rules. This news coverage has led to a glut of online content criticising the Conservatives.

Here’s three that particularly caught my eye.

Whilst I am generally bored to tears by pastiches of “Labour isn’t working” this “Tories aren’t working” execution is a rare example where – like the original – there is a clever interplay between a double-meaning headline that is brought to life by the visual. By @dbdes1gn5 @mac_daddies created in a competition run by One Minute Briefs.

*update* Labour clearly agreed that this execution hit the mark and have sought permission from the creators and run it as an ‘official’ ad

“The party’s over” by @labourdesign is wonderfully bleak. The minimalist style and dark blue tones make the viewer feel a sense of resignation about the situation and encourages the feeling that it’s closing time on Boris Johnson’s premiership.

This is an official Labour Party advert. By highlighting the sheer number of parties that have taken place at No.10 Downing St it encourages the sense that this is a damaging culture created by the Prime Minister, rather than a one off incident that could be blamed on staff, quickly forgiven and eventually forgotten.

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