Conservatives on track to win in Hartlepool

Labour look likely to lose the Hartlepool by-election taking place on #superthursday. It’s a seat the party has held since the current constituency was formed in 1974.

The Conservatives have a 17-point lead in the latest poll.

70% of people in Hartlepool voted to leave the EU in 2016. Yet the Labour Party chose Paul Williams as their candidate – a former MP of a nearby constituency who previously campaigned for a second Brexit referendum.

The Tories haven’t let Labour off lightly and have run some very persuasive attack ads on the issue.

The Conservatives have also once again been successful at positioning themselves as agents of change, despite having been in government for 11 years.

Team Starmer will be desperate to find a way to make the government seem like they’ve run out of steam, but at this by-election it’s very likely the Boris Express train will keep on chugging.

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