Slogan wars inside the camp of the compromise candidate

Biden has been using a wide array of end lines for his communications, but recently ‘Build Back Better’ started to appear consistently in ads and at events.

I felt this was a good line as it moved beyond the slightly platitudinous language around “unity” that the campaign had been using up until that point (and that contributed to Clinton’s failure to beat Trump in ‘16).

Build Back Better is primarily about the economy (a good thing) but it could stretch to encompass themes around togetherness (“we’ve been divided for too long which has broken us as a nation, vote Biden to build back better” etc…).

But in Biden’s latest ad there is a new slogan ‘unite for a better America’. But this hasn’t replaced Build Back Better, it has joined it.

It seems like Build Back Better is being used when talking about the economy but without broader application and Unite for a Better America is the umbrella campaign line.

The new slogan is too long and too bland. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible.

The more alarming thing for those hoping for a Biden win is that when campaigns have a mess of slogans it is usually indicative of a lack of strategic clarity and internal infighting.

Divided campaigns are rarely winning campaigns.

And worse, inconsistent use of campaign terminology is going to contribute to the sense of Biden being a compromise candidate without a clear vision for the country.

A candidate running only because he thought he could win and is trying to win by being the least bad option.

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