Biden: Build Back Better

Is ‘Build Back Better’ Biden’s new slogan? If so it’s a good one.

The end line features at the conclusion of a new biographical TV ad that Biden is running.

Until now, Biden hasn’t been using an end line on his TV ads. And the campaign hasn’t been using a consistent sign off on other communications.

A campaign struggling to find a slogan is often emblematic of a candidate that doesn’t truly know why they’re running (see: Hillary ‘16).

I criticised the beginning of the Biden for President campaign of being both platitudinous and rudderless. But in recent weeks I’ve noticed a shift.

Biden has stated to land a tighter message with a clearer offer to voters that brings together economic, covid and cultural themes in a compelling way.

This slogan does a good job of bringing together those themes; adopting it will help give the campaign focus and consistency which will make communications more memorable for voters.

“Build back better” fits the formula of all good political slogans: 4 words or less and uses a verb (build), the problem (back) and the solution (better). It’s also alliterative, even if you include the candidate’s surname.

It also wisely avoids using the word “change”. If Biden tried to run on a typical challenger position of ‘time for a change’ it wouldn’t be credible given he was in office for 8 years very recently.

And Build Back Better fits neatly with other messaging Biden has been deploying, such as “our best days still lie ahead”.

If Trump does return to “make America great again!” as his slogan, both candidates will be promising similar things: a return to better days.

Given Trump’s personal approval rating and polling on competency, if Biden can achieve parity on the “what” it will make it possible to win purely on the “how”.


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