Ok, fine. Vote Biden.

A group of young ex-Sanders and ex-Warren supporters have setup a group called “Settle for Biden”.

The grassroots campaign is run by a group of volunteers that are active in 8+ states and all of whom are under 25 years old.

They use a wonderfully snarky style in their ads to promote the Biden cause.

Using a disappointed and disengaged tone of voice to get progressive voters feeling let down by the Democratic candidate to turnout for the lesser or two evils is very clever indeed.

Biden is expected to announce his pick for Vice Presidential running mate this week.

It’s a key moment for Biden. The right choice could help energize the Democratic coalition and fire up those being targeted by Settle for Biden.

But regardless of who Biden goes with, there will be people who are disappointed by the choice.

Campaign groups whose role is holding together the Democratic base – like Settle for Biden – will be particularly important this week.

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