Conservatives hope to turn out Shy Tories and Bashful Brexiteers

The Conservatives are running a series of adverts on Facebook which are aimed at voters who want to see the EU referendum result honoured but who are shy about voting Tory.

There is a one ‘master’ advert which has been tailored to various marginal seats and positions a vote for Johnson as a vote for getting Brexit done.

The ads are light on Conservative branding and makes bringing Brexit to a conclusion seem within reach in order to give the audience an excuse for voting for a party they might have previously felt animosity towards.

‘Shy Tories’ were thanked (or blamed, depending on your disposition) for the Conservative Party performing better than most polls expected in 2015.  Leave voters were also difficult for pollsters to identify in 2017.  If the Conservatives can turn out both of these groups on 12th December their chances of winning a majority will increase substantially.

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