Campaign buses of general election 2019

Guest writer Bella Webber has been taking a look at the battle buses being used by the three nationwide parties at general election 2019. Bella is a creative and designer, you can follow her on instagram and check out her work here.

Yesterday saw the Tories launch their campaign bus, thus completing the trio of buses which will be providing the backdrop for press events and street rallies across the UK for the next month.

Unsurprisingly, all three buses are canvassed headlight to break light with their respective party branding and taglines.

The Tories haven’t used a solid block of colour like their counterparts and have decided to adopt a Union Jack style design. This not only aligns itself with their Brexit focused tagline, but also compliments Boris’ ‘Churchillian’ style campaign with strong patriotic tones.

The Lib Dems are the only party to have decided to both use an image of their leader and place the emphasis on their party name rather than their main slogan. The reason for doing this is that voters will be less familiar with Swinson’s image and the Lib Dem brand will be less top of mind.

Labour may have deliberately decided to not include an image of Corbyn so that the bus can be used in areas of the country with more centrist voters who are not fans of the Labour leader.

It is interesting to note that bus unveilings are growing in importance and there’s now lots of emphasis placed on the designs.

In the pre-social media era a bus would have been seen by relatively few people on the road, however with hundreds of people sharing images and videos of the buses as they traverse the country, in our tech-driven times it’s an important aspect of the campaign.

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