Conservatives campaign to ‘unleash Britain’s potential’

The Conservative Party held their general election 2019 campaign launch on Wednesday night where they revealed a new sub-header of “unleash Britain’s potential” to their “Get Brexit Done” slogan.

The Conservative slogan now follows the exact same formula as the Lib Dems’ “Stop Brexit; build a brighter future” strapline (though to be fair the Tories always had a secondary element it was just rarely included in visual comms as was previously noted).

The ways in which the Conservatives plan to unleash the country’s potential (after Brexit is delivered, of course) won’t be a surprise to anyone who has followed politics since Johnson entered No.10 – or indeed anyone who has read a poll of priorities for British voters over 45. The three ‘priorities of the people’ singled out for investment are: police, nurses and schools.

The addition of the new sub-header was slightly unnecessary from a pure advertising perspective. The Conservatives have managed to make their message about ‘beyond Brexit’ land using the original version of the slogan.

However, the new strapline would have been a helpful bit of news and refreshing of the Conservative election narrative for the press who have had to live with ‘Get Brexit Done’ since its launch at Tory conference back in September.

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