Lib Dems launch 2019 general election slogan: Stop Brexit; build a brighter future

The Lib Dems have launched their general election 2019 campaign slogan: ‘Stop Brexit; build a brighter future’. It’s a solid effort. 

Yes, it’s a litttttle bit of a fudge, as they’ve crammed two lines in there – ‘Stop Brexit’ and ‘build a brighter future’.  But the reasoning is good. 

They need to have the Stop Brexit element in order to have their distinctive position on the most salient issue of the day at the front and in the centre.

This is a continuation of what was used in their successful EU Election campaign earlier in the year. 

But they’re aware that the general election narrative (and their platform) will be much broader and so they have added “build a brighter future”.

This secondary element gives a sense of optimism about what life remaining within the EU would be like, it has the sort of aspirational tone that appeals to “open” voters and it will be able to carry their various messages on things like the environment and mental health.

It follows the same formula as the Conservatives “Get Brexit done”, albeit the Tories have kept their secondary element of “delivering on people’s priorities” slightly less prominent in their comms. 

On a more minor note, this kind of peachy / coral colour they’re using as a compliment to the main yellowy orange is great; feels fresh and contemporary. Hopefully they will deploy it more consistently.

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