Conservatives serve up a zinger

Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t taken the first opportunity available to take on Boris Johnson in a general election, slightly scuppering the Conservatives plans.

To try and goad Corbyn into an electoral contest and steer the media narrative onto a more positive path for the Tories, they have run this chicken ad on social media.

I’m a strong believer in the need for parties – particularly incumbents – to earn the right to “go negative”.

Slinging mud when you’re on the back foot looks desperate and reduces the likelihood of even a well-considered attack (which this isn’t) backfiring.

Given the Prime Minister has had a terrible week, the more people who see this ad the more harm it will likely do.

Which means another aspect of the tactics behind this ad might come back to bite them.

The Conservatives attempted – and succeeded – to improve the earned media reach of the ad by @ mentioning KFC in their tweet of the image.

KFC are notorious for their playful approach to social media and the Conservatives would have hoped they might respond and in doing so increase the number of shares of the content.

So far over 14,000 people have retweeted the post on twitter and you can be sure that mainstream media outlets will be reporting on the interaction making the original image spread further.

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