Get ready for Brexit

The government advertising campaign preparing the UK for a No Deal Brexit is live and is a straightforward public information exercise. It will be hard for anyone to claim it’s attempting to influence votes at a prospective election.

I hope you like it, as if you believe the reported £100 million budget for the two month campaign, you’re going to see it absolutely everywhere. To put that figure into context: the government are going to spend more than Amazon spent in the whole of last year in just two months.

Expect to see it on TV during shows like the Great British Bake-Off, Coronation Street and coverage of live sport. If you’re driving on arterial roads into cities you can expect to see the billboards.

And whilst they don’t seem to have gone live yet, I suspect we’ll see lots of highly targeted social media and digital display advertising which is more granular as to how a No Deal Brexit might impact segments of the electorate e.g. Facebook ads about paperwork for exporting meat to the EU will be served to people who are likely farmers.

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