Johnson vs Hunt

Today we found out that it will be Boris Johnson taking on Jeremy Hunt for the leadership of the Conservative Party and the keys to 10 Downing St.

Given the contest is a few weeks old, the nature of the campaign that each candidate will run is very clear.

Johnson’s narrative is devastatingly simple:

Boris will deliver Brexit, kill off Farage, is most likely to win a general election, has the backing of the majority of the parliamentary party and he will be a One Nation Prime Minister. Jeremy Hunt voted Remain.

Hunt’s is slightly more complex and his challenger status means it’s more negative in tone:

Hunt is a less divisive politician than his opponent, the EU are more likely to give him a good deal, he can unify the party and will appeal to floating voters in the country. He’s not Boris Johnson.

Given the nature of the electorate, the length of the campaign, his support in the media, the majority of MPs backing him, the simplicity of the story he’s got to tell and his sheer notoriety, it’s hard to see any outcome other than a Boris Johnson victory.

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