2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Candidate logos

The Democratic Party 2020 Presidential Primary contest is well underway. Here’s the logos of the campaigns that have announced so far.

My favourite is the Kamala Harris logo. It feels the most distinctive and doesn’t try to ape existing ‘cool contemporary logo’ styles (Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar are slightly guilty of this); it has an original style to it, which by extension makes it look cool and contemporary.

The use of red and yellow is both a nod to her African heritage and designed to evoke parallels with the 1972 presidential campaign of Shirley Chisholm – the first black woman elected to Congress.

Shirley Chisholm 1972 Presidential campaign materials

By combining the candidate’s personal story with an inspiring historical reference in the design of the logo, the campaign have developed a sense of depth and authenticity which will be persuasive to potential supporters.

Sanders’ and Warren’s are also decent efforts and whilst Tulsi’s is slightly strange-looking, it’s got something going for it in the fact it seems future-facing.

This article will be updated as more candidates announce.

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