100 words of advice for The Independent Group

Last week I was asked by advertising industry trade publication Campaign to write 100 words of advice to The Independent Group (TIG). You can read my thoughts below. The published article also featured suggestions from ad agency leaders who have worked with political parties in the past: Now (Women’s Equality Party), Lucky Generals (Labour) and Krow (Labour).

The left/right political divide no longer applies in Britain, it’s now open/closed.

TIG should be relentlessly focused on open voters: under 45, comfortable with immigration, internationalist and socially liberal.

They should prioritise a small number of ‘signal policies’ to give a flavour of what they stand for (a People’s Vote aside).

For example, they could propose raising taxes on wealth (not earnings) and scrapping the triple lock on pensions to fund investment in renewable energy and free retraining for those affected by automation.

Forgoing people who (currently) vote in greater in numbers to make TIG distinctive is a worthwhile sacrifice.

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