Trump 2020 slogan: Keep America Great!

Earlier this month President Trump announced in a speech in an airport hangar near Pittsburgh that his campaign slogan for his 2020 re-election bid would be “Keep America Great Again!”.

He said at the rally: “I’m almost positive, you can never be 100 per cent sure, but our new slogan when we start running is going to be Keep America Great…exclamation point.”

Keep America Great Trump 2020 KAG

This slogan is a nice take on the classic incumbent position of “it’s not time for a change” and a neat flip of his previous challenger / ‘time for a change’ slogan of “Make America Great Again!”.

Another sign that Trump is already thinking to his next battle at the ballot box can be found in the fact that he has already (980 days before polling day) appointed Brad Parscale as his 2020 presidential election campaign manager.

Brad Parscale Trump 2020 campaign manager

Brad Parscale was the digital director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and when interviewed on 60 minutes said that he “understood early that Facebook was how Donald Trump was going to win. Twitter was how he talked to the people, but Facebook was going to be how he won… It was the highway in which his car drove on.”

The campaign reportedly tested more than 50,000 ad variations each day in an attempt to micro-target voters.

There’s more detail on the techniques deployed by Parscale and his team – and the moral rights and wrongs of it – in a very well-researched article by Jamie Barlett in The Spectator.

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