General election 2017: the factors that mattered most

This is a film of a presentation I gave last week, 3 days after the results of general election 2017, to the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising – the UK’s advertising industry trade body – about the things that I felt had a disproportionate impact on the outcome.

I argued that 5 factors mattered more than any other:

  1. Labour’s campaign was run by a tight team that acted nimbly and the Tories weren’t and so didn’t.
  2. Labour had an army of advocates, the Tories had none.
  3. Paid media is now a hygiene factor and the advantage the Conservatives had in this field in 2015 has been negated.
  4. Earned media was of fundamental importance, but its nature is changing and Labour benefited from it.
  5. Labour’s campaign narrative spoke more consistently to those voters who felt the country is heading in the wrong direction; Theresa May only started off trying to connect with them before allowing herself to be blown off course.

You can download a pdf of the presentation here.

Two things to note: i) apologies for the slightly dodgy microphone ii) this was done prior to any reliable exit poll data being published.



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