French Presidential Election – the campaign briefs in a sentence

This Sunday is the first round of the French Presidential elections 2017.  I’ve looked at the four leading candidates’ official campaign posters, logos and instagram feeds and suggest what the overarching creative brief might have been.

François Fillon

Brief in one sentence: communicate that Fillon is a forward-looking conservative and a safe pair-of-hands in an election field populated by radicals.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Brief in one sentence: make Mélenchon look like a people’s champion untouched by the hands of marketing.


Marine Le Pen

Brief in one sentence: make Marine look like a mainstream politician, who is publicly accepted, with France’s best interests in mind.


Emmanuel Macron

Brief in one sentence: make Macron seem like an icon, a man of the future, beyond left and right, whose time has come.

Macron posterMacron instagramen marche logo 2En_marche_logo

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