Stronger In hits Leave with some independent expertise

The Stronger In campaign have this week hit Vote Leave with an ‘expert opinion’ one-two punch.

At the start of the week they released a video showing a series of fairly heavyweight, politically independent, economists and commentators all outlining the financial risks of leaving the EU.

The video has had a good chunk of views (200k+) on YouTube, so I suspect it’s had a paid media push.

Then, at the end of the week, Stronger In emailed supporters a video of one of Vote Leave’s key figures, Kate Hoey MP, being skewered by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics.

Hoey, in a cringe-worthy performance under the bright lights of the studio, was  unable to name a single, reputable, independent expert or organisation who has said that Britain will be better off or remain economically stable upon exiting the EU.

Vote Leave must be reeling.

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