Next time they’ll cut to the bone

The Labour Party have released a new poster featuring an X-Ray of a broken bone and headline criticising the Conservative’s handling of the NHS.

I have an issue with the logic of this poster. It features a headline talking about cuts and an image which shows a break.

This disconnect reduces the impact of the advert. The viewer doesn’t get any mental satisfaction as the point the poster is making is clouded by the inaccurate metaphore.

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  1. From a different perspective, this xray shows a leg of a child of about3-5 years old with a fresh fracture of the shaft of the tibia, plus older fractures (about 2-3 weeks older) just above the ankle and a possible healing bone bruise in the upper shaft of the tibia. The presence oif fractures of different generations – at least 2 and maybe three separate episodes of viloence to a child’s leg is almoat certainly non-accidental, inflicted injury.
    Rather unfortunate choice by the Labour party to suggest that the Tories are on a par with child-abusers…

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