2015 electoral battle lines become clear

Since Party Conference season the battle lines for the 2015 general election are becoming increasingly clear.

The Conservative Party will point to the fact that Britain now has the fastest growing economy in Europe, is cutting the deficit and has made home-ownership a realistic possibility for significant portions of the country.

Ed Miliband’s Labour Party will claim that it is an economic recovery for the few and not the many, that there is a cost-of-living crisis and that the answer is state intervention where markets have got out of control.

I have taken a quick look back into recent political history and found some Conservative Party posters that I can foresee David Cameron adapting for his own use – see below.  If anyone can recall posters that are similar to Miliband’s position I would be very interested to see them, as my research has hit a brick wall.

Fastest growth in Europe

yes it worked yes it hurt

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