Dave and Nick Ltd: invoice to the British people

Dave and nick ltd - invoice to britain


This is the latest piece of content released by The Labour Party in their ‘Price of Tory Failure’ campaign which has been running across their social media channels since December.

This piece of communication is a real mess.  Is the point of it:

a) Tell people about the real impact of government cuts on peoples’ lives.

b) Show how, despite government cuts, public borrowing has still increased.

c) Communicate the social injustice of government tax and spending policy.

d) Highlight promises made in 2010 that have not been kept.

In fact, they have used the terminally dull creative vehicle of a modified invoice to try and make all 4 points.

This piece of content contains neither strategic clarity nor creative inspiration.

Given the Coalition Government yesterday released their midterm review there was a real opportunity for a series of hard-hitting attacks on the record of the Conservatives to be picked up by the mainstream media, but this doesn’t quite fit the bill…

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