Obama for Ohio

Ohio, home to the US automotive industry, is one of the states that will decide whether or not Obama retains his Presidency.

The fact that Obama bailed out the car industry and saved it from collapse is one of the policies that his supporters point to as proof of the Democrat candidate’s economic leadership credentials.

This ad accuses Romney of campaigning to let the vehicle manufacturers crash and burn and will likely be plastered across the state’s local TV stations.

The bit where Romney is supposedly pleading guilty to this accusation in an interview has an untimely cut in it, which adds in a significant element of doubt as to the veracity of the claim.

The ad would have been more believably and convincing had it stayed positive and stuck to the fairly incontrovertible fact that Obama saved the car industry in Ohio.

It must be tempting to fling mud at every opportunity in such a tight race, but I fear in this advert Obama’s team might end up with some of it back on it’s own windscreen.

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