Red Ed’s Sponsored Walk

On October 20th a demonstration for a campaign called ‘A Future that Works’ is taking place in central London.  The campaign is being organised by The Trade Union Congress (TUC), is supported by various left wing organisations and is calling for a rethink of the current coalition government’s economic policy.

Ed Miliband, the Leader of The Opposition, has publicly agreed to attend the march.

Given a free choice, undoubtedly, Ed Miliband would not be joining the demonstration.  Polling seems to show that the public think that:

1. Ed Miliband is left-wing.

2.  The Labour Party can’t be trusted with the economy and are obsessed with state spending of borrowed public money.

3.  The trade unions have too firm a grip on the direction of the Labour Party.

With points 1 to 3 in mind, attending this demonstration is possibly the worst tactic that Ed Miliband could employ to improve his chances of winning a general election.

However, as Ed Miliband was effectively handed the leadership of the Labour Party by trade unions votes and that they are also the organisations bankrolling his whole Opposition operation, he has been compelled by union bosses to attend and therefore has little choice in the matter.

Being The Leader of the Opposition of the United Kingdom and being forced to do something that you don’t want to do is pretty embarrassing.  And this hasn’t gone unnoticed by The Conservative Party who have today released ‘Red Ed’s Sponsored Walk‘.

The site has been made to look like a charity donation site that someone who is fundraising might create.  It accuses Ed Miliband of only turning up to march (or Sponsored Walk, as the site refers to it) is to keep his party’s cash flow at an acceptable level.

There’s some lovely little touches in there and this will doubtless by very popular with the Conservative Party faithful.

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