Another social media election

Commentators have now, thankfully, stopped calling every election on earth  “the first internet election”.  However, during this Presidential contest there has been relatively little written around the web campaigns of each candidate (at least compared to 4 years ago).

This is slightly surprising as platforms, such as Twitter, that were still relatively niche in 2008 are now reaching massive audiences across all demographics and are much more likely to be having tangible effects on the result. have created an interesting infographic showing social media activity for this year’s US presidential election compared to that 4 years ago (as well as a host of other comparative statistics).

The difference is, as you might expect, huge.  For example, there was 1.8 million tweets relating to the Presidential election on polling day in 2008.  That number of tweets are posted around every 6 minutes this year.

(Thanks to Lillian for sending).

Social Media Election

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