Big Bird Obama Ad

Obama’s campaign have released an ad featuring children’s TV character Big Bird.

The reason for featuring the large yellow avian is that Romney has pledged to cut the funding to PBS, the station that produces Sesame Street.  Obama’s team believe that Romney is all too happy to be tough on the likes of Sesame Street, but won’t act against Wall St.

It has proven to be a bit of an own goal as the show’s creators have since made it clear that they hadn’t given permission to use their giant feathered friend for political ends and have asked the Obama campaign to pull the spot.  What a forehead-slappingly basic thing to forget to do.

And, in a week where Romney outperformed Obama in the opening candidates debate and has made significant gains in the polls, it comes across as churlish to release a spot on such a small issue when there are serious questions being raised about the President’s credentials for a second term.

I’m chalking this one up as an own goal.

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