The deluge of attack ads using Romney’s 47% speech begins

In May of this year Mitt Romney held a behind-closed-doors fundraiser for high rolling supporters.  He spoke candidly and passionately about the challenges he feels he faces in opposing Obama for the position of President of the United States.

Very unfortunately for Romney’s electoral prospects, there was an undercover reporter in the crowd who video recorded the speech and then held the recording until the moment when it could cause the largest possible amount of pain for the Republican candidate.

There are a huge number of policy-related reasons as to why many people felt the comments were unfair.  And there are even more as to why it is devastating for Romney’s hopes in winning in November.

The above video was the first attack ad out of the blocks.  It uses the same ‘vox-pop with iPad’ technique as Romney employed in his ‘Build‘ set of commercials.  It’s a fairly ordinary ad but the speed at which it was created and deployed is incredible – it was on air within 24 hours of the 47% video launch.

Obama’s SuperPac followed shortly afterwards with the effort below.  I’ve got a feeling these two ads won’t be the only ones to use Romney’s 47% against him…

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