“If you’ve got a business… you didn’t build that somebody else made that happen”

Mitt Romney’s latest attack ad is slamming Obama for a speech he made towards the beginning of July that defended progressive taxation and the welfare state.

The clip used in this attack makes it sound like Obama’s questioning the integrity of small business owners.  However, neutral fact-checking organisations and news outlets are now almost universally agreed that he was instead referring to the fact that small business owners use infrastructure and services provided by the state.

It’s relatively common-place for campaigns to take quotations of an opponent out of context and use their words against them in ways that are dishonest.  Usually, fact-checking organisations step in and refute any dishonest attacks, after which the campaign quietly drops the slur whilst hoping that some of the mud slung has stuck.

However, Obama’s team are so spooked about how much traction the line of attack has had, despite the fact-checkers riding to his rescue, that they’ve released a rebuttal ad where the President defends himself.


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