Political advertising media spend in the UK under threat

The Committee on Standards in Public Life has recommended a 15% cut in the amount that a political party can spend in an election campaign.  Their report also suggested that campaign spending over a parliament  should be limited to £25.4m per party.

The inquiry stated: “We have received evidence to suggest that political parties could and should reduce their campaign spending, particularly on billboard advertising or direct mailing, both of which are unpopular with many voters.”

Why don’t they just spit in my face?  I joke.  I’m all too aware that political advertising is the dirtiest bit of the dirtiest business and that my stomach must be incredibly strong to perpetuate this hobby of mine.

At last year’s election, the Conservatives spent £7.5 million on advertising, but lack of money forced both Labour (£785,000) and the Liberal Democrats (£230,000) to cut their ad budgets sharply.

Total spending on ads fell from £15.6 million at the 2005 election to £9.1 million last year.  I was wondering why my political advertising consultancy never quite took off…

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