Conservative Party dedicate political broadcast to East Africa

What a very, very canny move.

The Conservative Party have created a satire of party political broadcasts (whilst at the same time delivering not-very-subtle partisan messages) before making a plee for the nation to donate to the East Africa Appeal, a charity helping those suffering from drought in the region.

The broadcast is clever in 3 ways:

1. It defends the Conservative Party’s commitment to increasing overseas aid with reference to a contemporary and worthy cause.

2. It shows the Conservative Party recognise the mendacity of most political broadcasts and as such makes them seem ‘in touch’.

3. The satirical approach enables them to deliver all the key messages, albeit more tongue-in-cheek, that they would usually.  e.g. Diverse membership of Tory MPs, economic decline under Labour gov, paucity of credible alternative etc…

(Hat tip: @Ciaranward).

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