Jurassic Politicians

This is a poster by the Yes2AV campaign group who are lobbying for a form proportional representation to be used in UK elections.

The film poster-style advert portrays supporters of the current first-past-the-post system as political dinosaurs.

It’s inclusion of Nick Griffin – leader of the far right BNP – has caused widespread controversy.  The NotoAV camp claim that including Griffin both gives him political legitimacy and is a slur on the names of other mainstream politicians included in the poster.

Apart from anything else, the political-poster-that-looks-like-a-movie-poster was used to death in 2001 by The Labour Party and should never again see the light of day (see below):


  1. Agreed: the movie posters are lame beyond measure, regardless of politics. And including Griffin is a very, very cheap shot. I’m sure we could find unpleasant individuals to feature on the other side. I’m not sure why the BNP is opposed to AV or PR: surely they’d pick up some votes from UKIP and Tories.

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