Labour’s shameless ripp-off

The Labour Party have shamelessly ripped off one of the Conservative Party’s most famous and impactful political posters of all time.  The advert is running in Oldham, where the by-election to replace Phil Woolas is currently taking place.

The Conservative Party, in their successful general election campaign in 1992, released the double whammy poster (below) to great acclaim and Conservative supporters rehashed it in last year’s election.

When a party can’t come up with a single fresh idea for an election poster, what does it say about their ability to come up with new and innovative policies to improve the country?

It really is embarrassing.

What the poster does show is how vulnerable the Lib Dems are going to be in every Lib / Lab marginal constituency across the country for a generation.


  1. When a blogger who ostensibly writes about political advertising can’t tell the difference between a ripoff and a deliberate satirical reference, what does it say about…the rest writes itself really.

  2. The point of the article is that ‘satirising’ – to use your description of the ad – is lazy and contributes to a narrative of a dearth of ideas amongst the proponent of the poster

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