Oona King launches campaign for London Mayor

Oona King has launched her campaign to become the Labour Party’s candidate for the London Mayoral Election.  Her website (though slightly awkwardly, none of the social media links work atm) and Facebook page are both live and seem to be gathering momentum.

Her campaign image (feature above) is nicely designed and has a slightly iconic, whilst remaining contemporary, feel to it.  Good work to whoever art directed that one.

She’s also released a video announcing her candidacy.  The fact that the background poster is at an angle (and the fact that camera keeps on slipping to reveal that it is indeed a poster) is quite unnerving and fairly sloppy.  In terms of the content, it’s a little bit of the ‘kitchen sink’ approach – just throw everything at it, really quickly and hope something sticks.  However, the overall sentiment that ‘Oona “gets” London and seems vaguely normal’ comes across.

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