Conservative poster – Cut benefits for those who refuse work

The new Conservative Party poster is on the topic of reform of the welfare state.  It’s clear, simple and to the point.  Cameron is shot to look like a man of the people – open neck white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and surrounded by the electorate.  The poster communicates passion, energy and determination – all good things for a leader whose back is up against the wall.


  1. Good point, Delirium.
    Benedict: that’s a bit Pollyanna-ish. Couldn’t one see it as a desperate return to bedrock Tory politics: that the country is over-run with workshy spongers? Not a great message in the middle of a deep recession – even Mail readers will know people who’ve lost their jobs and can’t find another.

  2. Many people receive benefits and they don’t want to work and living all their life without worrying about anything. I’m paying a lot of tax from my salary and sometimes I feel ungry because many people can work but they don’t want to work. I know many people that are coming in UK instead of looking for a job they apply straightaway for benefits as they don’t want to work but want to receive benefits. That is not right, no one should receive any benefits if they have ability to work. Many people are not even living in this country but they receive benefits. I agree, the benefits sould be ended for people that don’t want to work. The benefits should only be given to disable people who in reality need it but not to people that don’t want to work and are coming into this country to have an easy life and rely on government money.

  3. Who i’s David Cameron to tell anyone they have to get a job I thought we lived i’n a society where we have a choice so know one should be able to dictate to anyone how they should live there lives especially when we have enough food water and all the rest to go round everyone. But no rather than him doing something creative special and kind he has to tell me and millions of others how we will live our lives. Well do us all a favour Dave and fuck off that goes for you and all your cronies not just conservatives.

  4. Andrea Smith, I understand you might feel like your taxes are being spent on subsidising benefits for immigrants but you need put down your daily mail and read about how many tax pounds were spent to save the banks after they almost destroyed the world economy with insanely risky unsecured loans to millions of eager first time home buyers in America and stop blaming people who are travelling across the world to make money (I would imagine the overwhelming majority at least) in this country to try and lift them and their families out of poverty.

    I translated the poster into slightly more accurate terms for those who don’t believe people are poor and out of work on purpose.

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