Political advertising luminaries back in the fray

Philip Gould, Lord Bell and Trevor Beattie

Rumours are rife that 3 political advertising luminaries of elections past have been drafted back into the front line. 

At a recent Labour Party fundraiser Alastair Campbell was reportedly dropping Blair’s former adman Beattie’s name in at regular intervals and discussing ideas the two were working on. 

At an event held by the IPA last night, Lord Bell (involved in the infamous Labour isn’t working) was ‘outed’ as being back in the political advertising game.  Bell let on that David Abbott – one of the greatest copywriters of all time – had recently written him a poster around the thought “the economy is Brown bread”.  Very good.

And Philip Gould – a founder of New Labour and author of political communication bible The Unfinished Revolution – is featured on the Labour Party’s new create an ad website (and is presumably helping to judge the winner) offering tips on creating a good political poster: “Keep the message simple; use strong images; try to weave in humour wherever possible” .  Couldn’t agree more.

As the result of the election gets ever more uncertain it seems the parties have called upon the communications experts who have served them so well in the past.  With these guys on board, I’m sure there will be advertising fireworks to come!

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