Change we choose

I’ve just been sent this promo that the Labour Party put out about a month ago.  It’s good.  Stylish, inspirational and backed up with hard policy (whether or not you agree with the assertions). 

The Labour Party have been using the ‘change we see’ slogan for a while (there’s even a website for the broader campaign) and I’ve always felt it to be a really strong message.  It aggressively encroaches on the opposition’s assumed territory of ‘change’ and uses it to both undermine their proclamations of a ‘new tomorrow’ and underline the incumbent’s record of delivery. 

It hasn’t yet, I don’t think, been used in a party political broadcast or a billboard and seems thus far to have been used more to galvanise supporters internally.  I’m sure the party has tested it on focus groups as a core election message, but I’d be astounded if it doesn’t resonate with waivering Labour Party supporters.

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