New Labour Party ad

Will the Labour Party feature Gordon Brown in a single piece of communication between now and the election?  On this showing, I would suggest not to.

Above is a nice new advert the Labour Party have put out.  It’s clearly going after the Middle-England demographic that Cameron and the Conservatives have been so successful in courting for the past few years.

The ambition of the advert is to make the voter think that, perhaps things are starting to look up with the economy and a change of government would put this recovery at risk.  It’s not just the Conservative’s who can benefit from instilling a feeling of conservatism.

The sentiment of the communication is overwhelmingly upbeat, which isn’t easy to do as an imcumbent government.  The ‘nice and normal looking family’ look nice and normal looking.  The headline is well crafted.  If I had to change something, I would have kept the whole headline in white out of red, as oppose to using the black.  But broadly, this is a decent piece of advertising.

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