‘Parliamentary Resources’ pushed to another level

Phil Goff New Zealand Political Advertising

And we think that UK politicians are bad when it comes to partizan promotion using money given for ‘parliamentary resources’.  This is national mail-shot that Phil Goff, Leader of the Opposition Labour Party in New Zealand, is charging to ‘parliamentary resources’.  You’ve got to appreciate the ambition and if you can’t be creative with your adverts (‘hard work, inspiration and fierce belief in New Zealand’…) why not be creative with your accounting?

1 Comment

  1. I don’t think this was paid for by the NZ taxpayer. The indicator (always) is the crest of the House of Representatives. If a publication includes a Party logo and this crest then it has generally been paid for from the public purse. Without the crest – as this pamphlet appears to be – then it will have been paid for privately by the Party.

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