Make Labour’s next U-turn an EU-turn

[clearspring_widget title=”Make Labour’s next U-turn an EU-turn” wid=”49f56ef09886feb7″ pid=”49f6f1915e58d069″ width=”198″ height=”152″ domain=””]


The Conservative Party have release a new widget to launch their EU election campaign.  It’s based around the argument that The Labour Party promised a referendum on the EU Constitution and this has, according to the Tories, not been delivered.

The word play around ‘U-turn’ and ‘EU-turn’ doesn’t really make sense – what is an ‘EU-turn’?  It’s quite a basic widget and not that interesting, but they’ve made it INCREDIBLY easy to share so I imagine a lot of supporters will host it. 

If it is plastered over the interent I imagine it will be quite effective, even if the copywriter would be arrested by the logic police.

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