Sorry From Gordon

Sorry is the hardest word
Sorry is the hardest word


The Conservative Party have launched quite a cute new widget which enables users to customise what their ideal apology letter from Gordon Brown would be.  The aim of the campaign is convince the electorate that the recession is the fault of Gordon Brown.  It has some viral-enabling functionality and the image of Gordon as Elton is moderately amusing but I doubt this will make any mainstream headway.


  1. In a corridor of the House the other day Gordon said to me confidentially: “I’m no bluidy apologising for nothing. Who do they think they are? Bluidy media. The bluidy bankers caused this mess and, aye, they’ve all apologisied. So that’s et. To tell ye the truth, John, I was going to apologise but, weel, Mandy said noo. He said I shouldna wimp oot. So that’s it. And noo bloody Cameron’s apologising.! I suppose he thinks I’ll come oot and say sorry. Weel. Ye can tell him from me. No chance, smoothy-chops.”

  2. I didn’t realise the house of commons had got all ‘trainspotting’. maybe the labour party’s strap line at the next election will be ‘choose life. choose labour.’

  3. What I like about this one is that you have to read everything that Labour has done wrong in order to interact with the advert. You read them all, then pick one.

    This seems to cover all bases. It’s an interactive piece of political advertising, with viral potential AND someone filling out the form will see every message you have all in one go

    Quite a clever one I think….

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