Making Euroscepticism Sexy


The above poster is part of a new campaign by Roger Helmer MEP to try and make euroscepticism more relevant to the masses.  By moving away from arguments around sovereignty and towards dustbins he hopes to capture the popular zeitgeist. And if that doesn’t grab anyone’s attention, they’ve only gone and stuck a topless girl on it.

I think it’d have been funnier and more effective if they’d gone with a topless chap, with a big gut hanging out looking sorry for himself. The danger of going with something overtly sexy is that it takes away from your message; I couldn’t take my attention away from the provocative tattoo on the small of the model’s back.  Next to something like that copy around electricity bills seems even more dull.

[My recent abscence has been due to attending a residential training week.  We worked on a mock-pitch for The Metropolitan Police; they have tough communication problems made more difficult by recent issues surrounding percieved politicisation. No, we didn’t win.]

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