Political Corruption iPhone Application


This ‘pay 2 play’ iPhone application was launched last week and enables iPhone users to have a go at being a corrupt politician.  It’s inspired by the recent corruption saga of an ex-Illinois Senator Milorad “Rod” R. Blagojevich (his name genuinly contains the word ‘blag’).

The game’s description in the application store:

Ever wanted to be an Illinois governor? Well now you can! Pay2Play is the game of trading and danger. How much money can YOU make selling senate seats? Head all over Illinois trading your way to success! You have 30 days to pay back the unions, make tons of cash, and get out of town all before getting impeached!”

Making mocking iphone applications could be the political advertising ‘attack’ medium of the future.  They can impart information in a powerful yet light-hearted and  interactive way.  Not only that, they’re free to distribute and are the sort of thing you’d willingly show your friends.

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