Ambient Environmentalism

green environmental laser

I’ve just seen this superb piece of ambient (ambush / guerilla) advertising.  A green laser is being projected as if it’s smoke coming out of an industrial coal chimney in Helsinki.  It is the work of an arts duo who go by the name of HeHe (cheers Stan Lee). The campaign was designed to get local residents to think about their own energy consumption, as well as influence the national debate around climate change.

There seems to be a bit of a revival of discussion around ambient campaigns in the advertising blogosphere and, ever the bridge builder (or ‘sheep’ I hear you cry), it got me wondering whether there were many examples of in situ political advertising.  There was the Labour Party’s classic “now wash your hands of the tories” (mock-up below…can’t find original) in toilets of pubs and nightclubs, but it seems this is a relatively under used communication tactic.  If anyone can think of any others, I’d love to hear about them.

In terms of creative opportunity and impact on the audience, ambient advertising is hard to beat.  It reaches people in an unsuspected way, without the clutter of the competition and can be strategically placed to be near where the consumer is in an active mindset.  How about placing ambient political advertising on popular routes near to polling stations on election day?

A terrible mock-up but you get the gist
A terrible mock-up but you get the gist

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