EPLP Politcal Broadcast

This is a video I’ve grabbed off the aforementioned EPLP website.  The brief was obviously to introduce Labour’s MEPs and give people an idea as to what they do with their time.

It’s done in a very ‘corporate video’ manner.  There’s no real story or Big Idea driving the broadcast.  And, they’ve used the old (dull) trusty formula of “stock-footage, interspersed with Important Politician talking about their values”.

The thing to remember, however, is that this is not the leading piece of political communication for the European elections later this year.  It is a video to give more information to those who are already interested enough to  have made their way to the EPLP site.  In that respect, this video is fine.

To get people out to vote Labour in the EU elections in June, the Labour Party will need something substantially more interesting.

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