Labour’s Debt Crisis – Strong Words

The aim of this spot is to bring home to people (an opinion on) the reality of the consequences of the government’s spending – past, present and future.  The clip aims to pin the blame, clearly and simply on the Labour government.

The brief: get our message across as clearly as possible whilst making it entertaining enough for people to sit through it. 

Let’s get this bit out of the way first, this is a slight rip-off The Girl Effect campaign in the use of text art and the soundtrack progression.  But as they say, talent imitates and genius steals.

The copy is simply, powerfully and convincingly written.  The way in which the text comes together to make images gives the clip heightened interest at the same time as further emphasising the points made in the wording. In short, this execution delivers on the brief perfectly.

The soundtrack is well chosen (again… VERY similar to ‘The Girl Effect…’). The point where the key adjusts to a more positive tone, whilst simultaneously the visual messages begin to focus around The Conservative’s message of ‘change’ amplifies the impression of their being a clear choice between the two parties.

The black and red colours at the start of spot have negative emotional connotations.  When the message changes to talk about the Conservatives agenda, they change to light blue and white, which ignites sentiments of positivity and Britishness.

This spot is like nothing seen before in British moving picture political advertising and represents a substantial raising of the bar.  Quite simply: fantastic.


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