Rail strikes ignite battle for public opinion

The U.K. is facing the biggest strike on the railways since 1989.

The strike has been called by the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), which has tens of thousands of members, including everyone from guards and signallers to catering staff and cleaners.

Thanks to the scale of the strike, the battle for public opinion is particularly fierce and it has become a more party political event than most.

The RMT have released a very polished bit of design for supporters to use in their social media profile pictures.

The graphic lands an overarching message of “defend rail”, whilst also explaining why they’re striking, and wraps both up with their logo and some nice train iconography.

Labour are encouraging voters to see the strikes as part of an ever-growing list of ailments affecting their day-to-day life which have the government at their root cause.

The line “Boris Johnson’s Backlog Britain” is a very sticky piece of language and I suspect one which we’ll see a lot more of.

Whilst the Conservatives have (somewhat inexplicably) decided to try and convince people that Labour have organised the strikes.

Given the RMT aren’t affiliated to the Labour Party and have zero role to play in the negotiations, it’s a brazen piece of mudslinging at best and horrifically misleading at worst.

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