Canada’s snap general election

It’s polling day in Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a snap general election 2 years ahead of schedule.

The Liberal Party leader is currently leading a minority government and is seeking to win a 3rd term in office in the hope that it will come with a majority.

Trudeau called the election with a lead in the polls but over the 5 week campaign things have tightened significantly.

The Liberal Party’s campaign slogan “Forward. For everyone.” is a take on the classic incumbent strategy of “it’s not time for a change”.

However in the final days of the campaign the message in the Liberal Party’s advertising has focused on the tight nature of the race in order to squeeze 3rd parties and increase turnout amongst voters who a sympathetic but less motivated to vote.

In retort, the Conservative Party of Canada are trying to weaponise existing popular perceptions of the Liberal Party Prime Minister as being rather pleased with himself.

By focusing on the cost of a snap general election, that many in Canada see as pointless, the Conservatives are able to root attacks which accuse Trudeau of arrogance in a tangible political action.

Personal attacks on politicians which are divorced from policy often backfire, but given Trudeau’s election gamble has more than a hint of hubris about it, the opposition can make some quite cheeky attacks with minimal fear of voter recrimination.

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