Biden suspends ads attacking Trump

Biden has suspended adverts attacking Trump whilst the President is suffering from Covid-19.

Some of the funds previously allocated to persuading undecided voters through negative advertising may well be reallocated to efforts designed to register likely supporters and “get out the vote“.

Campaigns score voters for how likely they are to support their candidate and how likely they are to vote.

More money means you can afford to target more of those who are high on “likely to support” but low on “likely to vote”.

Here’s some examples of Biden’s targeted Facebook ads which aim to convince likely supporters who live in swing states where the registration deadline is looming (or in which early voting has started) to register and vote.

As much of the political commentary in the next few days will be on Trump’s illness and recovery, it will be a difficult context to for Biden to impact the election narrative.

But there’s nothing to stop his team from doing these direct marketing hard yards.

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