Biden “you ain’t black” blunder

The Trump campaign is trying to grow support amongst black voters and Biden’s perceived complacency about his popularity amongst this demographic is playing into the President’s hands.

Biden made a major blunder on Friday. During a radio interview Biden said of African Americans: “you ain’t black” if you consider voting for President Donald Trump over him.

This plays into a growing media narrative around Biden assuming that black people will turnout for him.

Less than a month ago influential rapper P Diddy called out Biden during an interview with Naomi Campbell saying that the Democrat shouldn’t take black votes for granted and that “the black vote is not going to be for free”.

The sentiment that Biden is spending too much time worrying about getting blue collar non-university educated white voters who opted for Trump in ‘16 to switch – possibly at the expense of a focus on black voters – is steadily increasing and is one which the Republican campaign is seeking to encourage.

Black voter apathy hurt Clinton in ‘16 and Trump’s campaign are actively trying to court the African American vote in ‘20.

For example, Trump’s Super Bowl ad – costing $5 million+ – featured an African American woman who’d been released from prison thanks to the President’s actions.

And when the ground war restarts – after the worst of the covid-19 lockdown has ended – Team Trump will have campaign offices in 15 cities with large African American communities that will be tasked with reaching out to black voters.

This episode has opened up another line of attack for Trump which they will no doubt use to complement their “Beijing Biden” narrative.


  1. This period has certainly made the idea that Trump could win the votes of significant numbers of black voters even less likely… but there’s plenty of time to go and the Trump campaign’s strategy to suppress the black vote in some parts of the USA will likely remain very much on the cards.

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