Trump’s tactic for defending his Covid response record

Trump is using a single, easy to understand and incontrovertible fact as evidence of his leadership on Covid-19: rapidly banning travel into the USA from China.

As well as being factual, it also has a nationalist flavour to it; some might find it a distasteful one, but it undoubtedly benefits Trump electorally.

Trump’s campaign also contrast the President’s actions with the reporting of the “liberal media” – some of whom ran stories doubting the threat posed by the virus.

This is the sort of political argument that is memorable for voters.

It’s also simple enough for advocates to deploy when opponents criticise Trump’s record on Covid-19, which they have been doing en masse on social networks and in news interviews.

Democrat attacks on Trump’s Covid-response record relating to availability of tests, provision of protective equipment and access to health support are contestable and complicated and will be difficult to make stick.

A sign that Biden is struggling to land a punch is this overly long and muddled ad that was released over last weekend.

Whilst there’s plenty of good lines, the duration combined with the mix of messages in the wall-to-wall voice over means it’s unlikely any normal voter will take much away from it.

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