Lisa Nandy launches leadership bid

Lisa Nandy has launched her campaign to become Labour’s leader and is positioning herself as the politician who wants to win power in order to give it away. 

Nandy’s slogan – we win together – is a good one.

It shares the sentiment of the slogan Bernie Sanders is using for his 2020 bid: “Not me. Us.” Indeed Sanders’ website prominently features the phrase “there is only one way we win – and that is together”.

“We win together” is both a collectivist statement and a summary of the solution to what she believes is the problem facing Labour and the country.

Nandy is arguing that for Britain to thrive power and resources need to be devolved back to towns, cities, regions and nations. 

Britain can only win if everyone wins.

And she is arguing that Labour under Corbyn has been guilty of perpetuating a paternalistic attitude towards working people; this manifests in standing for things that are “in the interest of the working class” that working class people largely disagree with.

Labour can only win if they listen to their base.

Nandy has been campaigning for greater devolution and for a focus on Britain’s towns and regions for some time, so this positioning rings true and she has plenty of research and policies to put meat on the bones of her brand positioning.

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